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Cousins and Martial Arts Collaborators

Little Dave and Big Dave Chong were cousins who, together with Big Dave's brother, Tony Chong, formed the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Club (CKKC).

'Little Dave' was the karate connection, having received his karate black belt from Sensei Masami Tsuroka. Big Dave was responsible for bringing the Five Animal forms (or Ng Ying Kune) to Canada in the 1950s.

Together, they developed some of Canada's top instructors in Canada names like Ken Hayashi, Ron Yamanaka, Alex Atkinson, Humberto Mederios and Pel Capone to name but a few of them. The Canadian Karate and Kung Fu Club was changed later to be the Canadian Karate and Kung Fu Association (CKKA), as so many of their students had branched out to form their own schools, but wanted to stay involved with their teachers.

Big Dave Chong grew up in a small fishing village a couple of hundred miles south of Hong Kong. It was here that he learned his kung fu in the lineage of the famous Lam Sai Wing. He and his family fled China after the Communist take over and they eventually settled in Toronto.

The karate history in the CKKA varies depending on the style of karate whether it is Shotokan or Goju as there are both being taught within the CKKA.

Schools within the CKKA now are spread all over world with schools across Canada as well as United States and England.

Tony Chong passed away a few years ago and now Big Dave carries on his work and has recently come out of retirement to teach workshops and seminars around the country, as he introduces more Kung Fu forms.

Si Gung Dave is still training and is one of the most respected names in Canadian martial arts, as he and his cousin developed some of the very best technicians, fighters and forms competitors Canada has ever seen. We are very proud to induct both Dave Chong and his cousin Dave Chong into the Canadian Black Belt Hall Of Fame.



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