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Gentleman and Competitor

From 1963 to 1974, Hal Henschel trained with Mas Tsuroka at the original Queen Street and Yonge and Bloor dojos, where he eventually attained 2nd Dan.

From 1964 to 1968, he operated Hamilton Chito Ryu Dojo as Head Instructor. In 1980, he relocated to Alberta, where he instructed in the Edmonton, Calgary and Canmore dojos until 1982.

Hal competed and won in numerous tournaments, including participation in the renown Tournament of Champions in New York City which drew the Top Ten North American competitors...(his division was won by Chuck Norris). He also qualified for the Canadian National Team in 1976, for the World Championships in Paris, France.

From 1974 to present, Hal Henschel became a full time student at Shane Higashi’s dojo in Toronto, where he has attained Shihan level.

In 2003, Hal retired to the more gentlemanly soft side of karate.



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