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"Mr. Front Thrust Kick"

Ted Marton, a friend of Wally Slocki since childhood, was introduced to karate by Wally in 1965.

He trained with Benny Allen for his entire martial arts training. Ted Marton was one of those totally gifted fighters that was a natural right from day one. His rigorous training was exceptional, as he sparred constantly and, in between sparring, conditioning was his ‘cooling off’ time.

He would often be seen running around the dojo on the tops of his toes to add to his already lethal front kick.

George Sylvain said, “I will never forget that front kick he hit me with in the 1967 Canadian Championships at Varsity Arena. He was 21, and I was 32. He threw a front kick and he hit me right in the ribs, breaking two ribs with that kick. He was the fastest person I ever faced.”

In the 1960s the main tournament was always the Canadian Championships, held at the Varsity Arena by the Father of Canadian Karate, Masami Tsuroka.

In 1967, Teddy Marton faced off against George Sylvain. It was a match for the history books. George Sylvain, with his tomahawk chop or bottom fist and Ted Marton with his front thrust kick. This time, it was Marton the victor, but only after an absolutely amazing match that had everyone in the arena fighting to get close to ringside to see the match of matches.

Ted retired from competition after he had trained for a full contact match with a famous American fighter, which was subsequently cancelled after the fighter saw Ted training.

Ted Marton, “Mr. Front Thrust Kick”, one of Canada’s premier fighters of all time.



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Ted Marton

Ted Marton

Ted Marton