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The job of the Ambassadors is to nominate to the Selection Committee, those who have made significant contributions to the martial arts in their regions of Canada.

The nominees must have made major contributions to the martial arts in Canada and be of outstanding moral character that present themselves as role models for the future generations of martial artists in Canada. Nominations can come from many areas of the arts, competitor, instructors, historical, business, organizers to name but a few.

We would expect that this list of Ambassadors will grow over the years so that we do not miss anyone who should be inducted.

The CBBHoF will induct between 5 and 10 individuals each year and they will not be announced until January the 1st of each year. The Selection Committee headed by the Chairman and Technical Chairmen will make the final decisions on who is inducted each year.

Ambassadors of
The Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame:

Fern Cleroux
Bruce Winstanley
Cezar Borkowski
Tom Fleming
Conroy Copeland
Kin Sze
Rudy Timmerman
Don Benoit
Andre Raymond

Award Criteria for Induction into the CBBHoF Criteria

The recipient of the CBBHoF Award must be at least a black belt and the individual must have made a significant contribution to the martial arts way in Canada.

They must also be a Canadian citizen and have a valid up to date Canadian passport. As an example of these significant contributions:
  • Creating world class students (teachers / champions).
  • Winning several National or International titles or championships for Canada. -
  • Publishing articles, books or developing popular sites focusing on Canada. -
  • Developing products, or successfully operating a MA related companies.
  • Held long running tournaments or public exhibitions in Canada.
  • They must also have the true spirit of a martial artist and be of good character that represents a strong role model to those who are coming after.

The maximum number each year that can be inducted is 8 individuals.

Award Criteria for The Masami Tsuruoka Life Time Achievement Award

This one person must be a black belt in martial arts. The recipient of this award must have spent a lifetime dedicated to the development of martial arts and they must also have a good, strong moral background that makes them a leader of martial artists in Canada.

They must also be a Canadian citizen and have a valid up to date Canadian passport.

Award Criteria for The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Humanitarian Award

This award is presented to an individual who is at least a black belt level and has given back to society in an exceptional way outside of the martial arts world. This as an example can be thru politics, religion, charity, medicine or any other endeavor that has made a major difference in society or to an individual.

They must also be a Canadian citizen and have a valid up to date Canadian passport.

Selection Process

All awards go thru a three stage process of selection.

The first level is where names are submitted to the board of directors either by one of the Board of Directors, an inductee, an ambassador or an outside individual thru an ambassador.

The second level is where the names are all listed and sent out to the ambassadors who send back their selections from the list sent to them with comments if they have any. Then the Board of Directors reviews all comments and selections compiles their suggestions.

The third and final level is where the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the technical committees both forms and fighting make the final decisions on who the awards will be presented to.

The Names Announced

These names are always announced at the beginning of the year on the official CBBHoF Web site and then the induction ceremony is held each year in the month of May.


The location is rotated from one city to another at the discretion of the three Chairman mentioned above.

Host of Each Event

There will be a host each year who is a prominent martial artist in the host city that is selected by the three Chairman.

Final Decision

The decision of the three Chairmen is final in all cases and in all selections on a majority rules decision.


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