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Heart of a Lion

One of Canada’s finest martial art’s competitors, Daniel Richer was one of the best ever to compete in Canada - not just in Tae Kwon Do tournaments but karate and full contact matches as well.

His legs were the fastest of the fast. He could use round kicks, hook kicks, side kicks, in any combination and he became known as the guy in the grey gi from Montreal that was faster then Bill Wallace.

He had several memorable matches, including Wally Slocki in Sudbury and Jimmy Santiago in Hamilton, that gained him acclaim and respect from all that watched. This slender Tae Kown Do stylist has the heart of a Lion – he never gave up. Someone forgot to tell him he was a middle weight because he fought like a heavy weight. Never did Richer complain about excessive contact... he just gave it right back where it came from.

A police officer by profession in his home town of Thetford Mines, PQ, Richer was a champion's champion. Richer is one of the nicest guys to ever put on a martial arts uniform.




Daniel Richer