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Canada's First International Champion

Wally Slocki began his martial arts training in 1953 at the tender age of 6 when he started Judo classes with Master Frank Hatashita. Then in 1964, he began Kung Fu training with his friend Tony Facetti under Kung Fu Master Paul Chan in the now famous Hong Luck Kung Fu school on Dundas Street.

In 1965, he began his karate training under Master Masami Tsuroka, and shortly after with Benny Allen. He received his shodan from
the legendary Richard Kim and his long and illustrious competition career as Canada’s first and foremost International Karate Champion
- especially as a Kumite competitor - began.

It was another karate legend, Ron Marchini, that said, "Wally Slocki was the first one to have the really spectacular kicks his roundhouse and side kick were envied by all."

His list of Black Belt wins is most impressive when you remember this was the Golden age of karate in North America, sometimes referred to as the 'Blood and Guts' era.

Master Wally Slocki is, without a doubt, a legend in Canadian martial arts. He was the first one to compete internationally and it was he who set the bar for those to come after him when it came to Canadian martial arts competitors.


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