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Police Officer – Competitor – Trainer

Mr. Sylvain began his training in combative arts over 50 years ago when he joined the Canadian Military Police during the Korean War. Since his initial introduction to Military unarmed combat, Mr. Sylvain has trained in several combative arts, including Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, weapons, standard police techniques and Western boxing.

In 1965 he was selected as one of the fighters to represent Canada in a USA vs. Canada match, held in Toronto by the National Karate Association, hosted by Masami Tsuroka at the 4th Annual Canadian International Karate Championships.

In competitions, his most famous and feared technique was an overhand hammer fist strike. Some referred to it as a ‘tomahawk chop’.

A veteran police officer, he has been in charge of several tactical training and self defense programs for provincial, regional and RCMP programs.

As a trainer, he was unparalleled in the Canadian full contact and kickboxing circuits, having trained several of Canada’s earliest kickboxers, including World Champion Jean Yves Theriault in his the early stages of this superb athlete's career.

A tenth degree Black Belt and founder of Can-Ryu Ju Jitsu, Mr. Sylvain is also a 4th degree Black Belt in karate.



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George Sylvain


George Sylvain