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John Therien
Trailblazer and Teacher

John Therien’s journey in Martial Arts began in his hometown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1964 training under George Sylvain. Professor Sylvain was instrumental in instilling the qualities of dedication, drive and commitment to his career.

In the early 1980s, Soke Richard Morris from London, England, became his budo mentor.

John Therien is a highly respected teacher in the Martial Arts world and is in constant demand to teach seminars in North America and Europe. He is the founder of the Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing schools, established in 1968, one of Canada's largest Martial Arts schools from which more than 1,000 black belts have graduated.

Therien is the president and co-founder of the World Kobudo Federation (WKF). His management expertise and professionalism has made WKF one of the most respected multi-style Martial Arts Federation in the world.

Among his many other accomplishments, Therien was the manager of 23-time world Kickboxing champion, Jean-Yves Theriault.

After over 45 years in Martial Arts, he can still be found on the tatamis, teaching classes weekly at the Vanier school, where it all began.




Jean Therien